Recovery. Orthodoxy.

I believe that life’s problems, including addiction, can only fully be solved by a relationship with Jesus Christ, founded His Body which is the Catholic Church.

If this sounds strange to you, good!  It should sound strange because it is strange to the mind of the world.  That doesn’t mean it’s not true.

If you’re thinking, I’m Catholic, but there are so many good non-Catholics, even atheists, who have become better without the Church.  That’s excellent, and I don’t deny their achievements.  But there is something they’re missing…

If you’re thinking, The Catholic Church is the problem.  It’s the reason I’m like this in the first place!  I don’t deny that there are people, ideas, movements, and beliefs that all form the glob that we call (sometimes erroneously) “Catholic culture.” I do not deny your suffering.  But Christ offers you healing through His Church, and in time, you will be able to forgive those who have hurt you.

If you’re thinking, The Catholic Church isn’t the only way or I’m [this religious group] and I don’t need the Catholic Church, I still invite you to read, follow, comment, and even contact me directly.  If you don’t learn something about yourself, you’ll at least learn about two of the most powerful forces in the history of the world: addiction and Catholicism.

My name is Angus and I am a sex addict.  I am also a dedicated, traditional Catholic.  I am here to help Catholic sex addicts (and other addicts, too) to recover from their addiction and become better Catholics in the process.

Enter the blog…