About Angus

My name is Angus and I am a sex addict.  I am also a dedicated, traditional Catholic.

When I first began attending SAA meetings in May of 2012, I was bothered by the amount of anti-Catholicism I witnessed in the meetings, seemingly always by practicing or former Catholics.  This, in part, led me to leave the fellowship for a while, but in time I recognized the validity of others’ feelings, even if certain resentments and judgements are misplaced or improper.

In May 2016 I returned to the fellowship.  Since then I’ve dedicated my life to my own recovery and helping others in theirs.  Through the power and grace of our Lord, my life has improved far beyond my wildest expectations. I am here to help Catholic sex addicts (and other addicts, too) to recover from their addiction and become better Catholics in the process.