If physical diseases were treated like mental illness… (meme)


If physical diseases were treated like mental illness…

To a person sick in bed: “I get that you have food poising and all, but you have to at least make an effort.”

To a woman whose hand is cut off: “You just need to change your frame of mind. Then you’ll feel better.”

To a woman vomiting: “Have you tried… you know… not having the flu?”

To a man injecting himself with insulin: “I don’t think it’s healthy that you have to take medication every day just to feel normal.  Don’t you worry that it’s changing you from who you really are?”

To a man with serious abdomen wound: “It’s like you’re not even trying.”

To a person lying in a hospital bed: “Well, lying in bed obviously isn’t helping you.  You need to try something else.”

Obtained from Reddit.