You can email me below, or you can contact me on IRC for a quicker (but not immediate) response.

  • I am frequently on as AngusK.  You will find me in the #saa or #slaa channels or just idling.
  • If I am online, you can send me a message or open a chat window.
  • If I am offline, you can message me using the /memoserv command.
  • I reserve the right to block anyone at any time without warning, especially if the conversation could be damaging for my or your sobriety.
  • Even if I’m online, I may not respond immediately.
  • If you have a burning desire to act out, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Share with me what’s on your mind, even if you have to leave a message.  It’ll be confidential.

I may share your communication on IRC or by email if:

  1. I have your permission -OR
  2. There is nothing personally damaging to you in the email (eg it’s a question about Step Five or confession to a priest, not your acting out behavior) -AND- there is nothing that identifies you; you’re fully anonymous.

Take note:

  • I read every email.
  • I do not respond to every email.
  • Please self-censor when appropriate. I may use a fake name. You may use a fake name.